Coffee: Drip Cold Brew

I will never forget the first time I saw a Kyoto style drip cold brew tower in person. The cafe had 6 of these giant gorgeous glass and dark wooden contraptions on full display. The glass globes of ice and water were frosted with condensation. I watched in awe as the water dripped out at one drip per second. Drip. Drip. Drip. The coffee would gather than then traverse a coil of glass before finally depositing into a round carafe at the base. So darn cool.

But also, impractical for anything but a cafe. I saw the coils of glass, and tower of wood and surmised that not only would the price be too high but that I’d spend a lifetime replacing broken parts. I was right about the price range but also I know my household too well to think a 6ft high smashable tower of glass could survive here.

So I made my regular full immersion cold brew at home, and enjoy it very much. I also craved the drip cold brew with it’s bright smooth flavor that is a smidge different than my cold brew.

Then during the midst of covid I was greeted with a random video about DIY drip cold brew on Youtube, using a contraption called the PuckPuck and an AeroPress. In this video the DIY version was… not quite laughed at, but it was clear they liked the PuckPuck. And to be fair I have one sitting in my Amazon cart right now, and I’ll likely purchase one.

I did a deep dive of google searches and research to find loads of DIY drip cold brew contraptions from hanging zipper bags to cups with holes pocked in them to water bottles cut up. So I’ve been experimenting with a few things I have on hand to make my own.

My own is a take out cup (let’s not talk about from where please) with a tiny pin hole in the bottom, set into a silicone collapsible funnel that is then set into the aeropress which is then placed on top of a travel mug. the whole thing it tall and a bit of a pain in the arse if I’m honest. Getting the drip rate to be about 1 drip or so per second is mind numbing- as water must be drained, the plastic deformed, then pierced again. Also the rate of flow changes in a cup based on the weight of the water and ice if used.

Even though it is, quite literally, trash placed on top of trash, it makes delicious drip cold brew that is as good as anything I’ve ever gotten in a cafe. If anything it’s better because it uses fresh beans I’ve acquired via Bottomless or Trade.

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