Ferment: Adapting Containers for Fermentation

Often you can find jars with clasping lids and silicone seals inexpensively. The local dollar stores have a variety of them available for a few dollars for a variety of sizes. they also show up at thrift stores really cheaply. They are often available at sizes just not available in canning jars or other glassware. Their glass construction makes them a great option for fermentation, except their lids aren’t easy to drill to transform them into fermentation chambers.

Luckily you don’t need to drill them, you can but you’ll need a specialized glass bit.

Instead, all you need is a rubber band. The claw bands from lobster work well, or a silicone hair tie. Double it over a few times and slide it over the clasp after you fill your jar full of sauerkraut, radishes or kimchee. Lift the band ovr the top clasp to keep things snug and closed.

Then let your stuff ferment. As the pressure builds up it will lift the lid and burp itself. Keep an eye on the lid and check to make sure it is in place when closed. I’ve found this works really well for most of my jars with clasp style lids. It also keeps fruit flies out. I did have a batch of sauerkraut become really active and liquid bubbled out. So I now take care to not overfill my jars. I now fill only to about an inch below where the jar starts to narrow at the top.

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